Monthly ( 1st Feb, 2020 to 29th Feb, 2020 )

Aries: Transiting planets will be good for the people of this sign. You will be more focused on your work  for the first half of the month.  You will fulfill your determination and or will reach your plan. You will realize your potential and will move a ahead with determination. You can add some land if you are wishing for it. From the mid of this month, you will be more focused in relationship matter.  The single people may find a compatible and deserving partner. People who are in relationship can feel their bond stronger.  It is a good month for students of this sign to get good achievement or result.  you will welcome new year with  eagerness and happiness.

Taurus: The first and second week of February will be just moderate for you. You may not have any noticeable achievement. Things will go averagely. It is good to focus on your health and personal life. Making big decision may not go in your favor especially in financial matter for the first half of February. However, the second half of February will bring lots of positive changes in your life. You may hear good news. You will increase your earning. You will meet new friends. You will increase your intellectual growth. Luck will support you and you will be happy, delighted and bold. you will have smooth and cordial family life and relationship with spouse will be promising.

Gemini: Gemini rashi people will have average time in the month of February. The first half will be good but second half will not be desirable. In the first and second week, you will have good love life. Your earning and financial situation will go well. you will celebrate new year with lots of fun.  You will increase your intellectual growth. You will be honored or awarded for your work. However, you may have some health issues in the second half of the month.  It is good to take care of your health and diet. It is good not to make any big decision. Close your fists tight to avoid any extra expenses or to cut down unnecessary expenses.

Cancer: For Cancer Rashi people, the month of February will bring some optimistic feelings. The first half is going to be fine for you in all the aspect. You will have strong and connected bond with your spouse. You are likely to progress well in your career. Your professional life and financial situation will go smooth in the month of February  You will get new knowledge and experiences from the ideal people that can change your life. However, the second half may not bring desirable progress. Some health issues may make your feel stressed and dejected. Some delay and obstacles can be seen in your workplace. So you are suggested to behave well with the people around you in your professional and social life.

Leo: People with Leo Rashi will have a bit boring time in the first and second week of February. You may be tired and restless due to the heavy work. Some issues cannot be denied in your health too.Even your closed one may not understand you fully. It is good to be careful while speaking to avoid any possible misunderstanding. Be careful while spending money. Close your fist tight to avoid extra expenses. However, the third and the fourth week of the month will be pleasing one for you. You will focus much on your personal life and relationship. You will get supported encouragement from your spouse. You will have fulfilling bond between and among the family.  The ending of February will give you pleasure and excitement.

Virgo: February will be a Fun  month for the people of Virgo Rashi.You will be flowering happiness for a new year.  It is a good time to progress in your work and to make a good saving. You will find new source to generate income.  Little health complications may come in the first week and second week but the last two months will be good in overall. Luck will support you. Even it is good time to play lottery.  You will have great fun this month and will enjoy relationship well.  it is the wonderful time for lovers. You can develop your intellectually and spirituality. Religious journey can be made. You will be pleased with your own achievement.

Libra: This month will be a good month for you.  You will add some new property  in your life. your siblings will support you and you will enjoy time for celebration with your family and friends. You will have smooth social life. The first half of the month is more for love and luck for personal matter and the second half will go more for your work and social life. You will have progression in work. You will find some new opportunities. Taking the advice's from mother will be beneficial for you.  Your friends will be in your support.  You can even make some new friends. You can enjoy time in fun and travel. Overall, you will enjoy your time.

Scorpio: For the people of Scorpio Rashi, February will be promising month in overall. You will hear some good news about your or your relatives that can make you happy.   You will spend time with family and exchange happiness and sorrows in the first half. Things related to marriage and relationship will go good. You will be blessed and pleased by the support and encouragement of the seniors.   In the second half, you may receive unexpected money or you may find some new sources of earning.  You will have strong bonding between and among the siblings.  You speech will have good power to impress people around you. Little health issues may come at times and you need to take care of your health and diet.  But rest of the things will be good to you.

Sagittarius: The month of  February will be just average  month for the people for this sign. The first half of this month may bring some hardships in your life.  you may feel  bored and tired. Your expenses may be high. You need to spend on the things which are not in your plan. Some issues cannot be denied in your health too. You may feel unrest and stressed.  Things will be slow in career and you may have to face financial shortage too. However, the second half of the month will be good for you. Luck will start to support gradually. You will find some new sources of income too. You will complete the pending tasks. Health will be good and you will have smooth family life and social life. During the end of the month, you will be happy and excited to make new plan and to welcome New Year. 

Capricorn: People with Capricorn Rashi may have pleasing time in February.   The first and second weeks of February will be good for your professional life. You may get new opportunities or you may add responsibility in your work. You will feel strong and confident and your action and speech will be honored and respected. Even who is waiting or promotion may get it at this month. The second half will be more calling for earning and love life. You will have good earning. You may think for spending money for your loved ones or for your family. You will be happy by seeing the happiness of your near ones. You will end the month with positive note.

Aquarius: For the people of this sign, February will be moderate, neither too good nor too bad rather the average.  However, you will start a new year with positive influence. The first and the second week will be good for work and financial regards. You will have positive outcome of your efforts and you will be respected for your work. However, the second half of the month may be a bit struggling for you. Your expenses may be noticeably high so you are suggested to take care of it. You may spend more money on travel.  You may have to spend money without your willingness too. You may suffer with some physical health issues. Even mental stress and anxieties can be seen during the end of the year. So, you need to stay positive and optimistic to make everything positive. Be prepared to welcome New Year with excitement.

Pisces: People of Pisces Rashi will have wonderful time. You will start a new year with a positive note.  The first half of the month will be good for your love life. You will feel more closed and connected with your loved ones. You will spend time and travel or fun. You will have harmonious relationship among the family member.  You will focus more on your personal life and love life. Health will be good. In the second half of the month, you will be more focused on your professional field.  You may work hard but the achievement will be pleasing for you. Work and financial progress can be seen in February. You will desire to spend some money on luxurious purpose. The ending of the year will be good so you will be ready to welcome New Year with enthusiasm, energetic thoughts and excitement.